Maintenance Reminders

• Check decks, porches, and steps. These areas get very slick when wet or icy; consider installing an antiskid type material on them.
• Winterize air conditioning systems. If you have central air, cover the outside unit with a tarp or plastic sheet and secure with bungee cords.
• Clean carpets. Shampooing can leave residue; try steam cleaning as an alternative. Have them looking great before the family visits for the holidays.
• Enjoy the Holidays

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June 2020 Newsletter Article

Roof Repair & Maintenance “There are many different types of roofs on manufactured housing. First, we have metal roofs, often used on a moderately priced single section manufactured homes. This type is rolled on from end to end, then stretched and secured at the manufacturing facility. Multi-section homes usually have asphalt shingle roofs. Some multi-section homes can have metal roof but not a rolled roofing as described above. More commonly used for multi-section homes would be a standing seam metal roof as used on site-built homes. I have seen standing seam on both single and multi-section homes…” –Jim McKelvey

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September 2020 Newsletter Article

Make Your Home Safer in Wicked Weather “Wicked weather can happen anytime, anywhere. Being prepared will offer you, your family and your home greater protection. The Manufactured housing Institute offers the following tips. Take Shelter – Often times, the safest place to be during a storm is at home or in a designated shelter, depending on the storm’s severity. That said, it’s important to know more about how your home was constructed. Keep in mind that new homes are subject to regional safety standards to help ensure they can stand up to extreme conditions likely to occur in the area. So, if you live in an older home, consider retrofitting it with newer products that are more resistant to high winds…” -MHI

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