Maintenance Reminders April-June


factory built home


·       Clean out your home’s gutter.  The gutters have most likely accumulated leaves and debris from the fall season and grime or sediment from the rain and winter.

·       Level home.  Check your home once a year to make sure it remains level.  If it is out of level, be sure to have it corrected before your home becomes damaged.


·       Inspect the seal of exterior doors and windows and exterior siding.  Caulk exterior doors, windows, and exterior hardboard siding.  Use clear silicone if you will not paint or paintable caulk if you will.  Caulk small holes or cracks of vinyl siding with silicone or replace siding sections that are damaged. 

 ·       Inspect and tighten screws in your metal siding.  Be sure to tighten any 1/4 hex screws that are coming loose on your metal sided home. 


·       Have your air conditioning system serviced and ready for summer.  This depends on each home and in what part of the country you live in.  Refer to any user guides for your system for specific regular maintenance or consider having it serviced by a professional.  Doing this once-a-year can save you a lot of money down the road. 

·       Flush water heater.  Many cities have very hard water causing hard water deposits to form in your water heater, leading to inefficient water heating.  Flushing the water heater should be done by a professional but follow the manufacturer’s instructions if you are doing it yourself. 

 ·       Remember to change the A/C filter, test smoke/carbon monoxide detectors, and inspect your fire extinguisher.