Maintenance Reminders

July – September

factory built home


  • Inspect and repair the underbelly that covers the underside of your floor system. While checking the underbelly, patch any holes you find with an underbelly material that can be bought from Atlas Supply. Cut a piece a little larger than the hole, then use spray contact cement on both surfaces, let dry to be tacky, and then secure the patch.
  • Inspect A/C and heating crossover ducts. Multi-section homes have a 10” or 12” crossover duct that connects the ducting systems underneath your home. Keep these well connected, free of holes, and suspended off the ground.
  • Inspect and repair skirting. Whichever type of skirting you have, keep it maintained. It is important for energy efficiency and to keep animals from living under your home causing damage.


  • Service and clean furnace. Have your furnace inspected and cleaned by a professional, especially if you have a gas furnace. It’s better to find out now that you have a furnace issue rather than in the dead of winter.
  • Inspect fireplace stacks and have chimneys cleaned. Fireplace stacks and chimneys are often overlooked in a maintenance schedule, but it is very important to keep these clean and free of debris.
  • Inspect foundation blocking. If your home sits on concrete blocks directly on the ground with no base pad or concrete, your house will settle. This can cause structural damage to the home and can cause doors and windows not to open or close properly. Look for cracks in the blocks, and look for signs of water passing under the home which can cause erosion leading to major settling problems in your home.


  • Winterize house and pipes. Time to make sure that all outside pipes are wrapped. If a home is going to be vacant for the winter, drain the water heater, blow out pressure lines, and pour an antifreeze type solution in the toilets and drain traps.
  • Tighten drain pipes and water connections under sinks. Reaching under the sink, follow the drain pipes from the base of the sink, and with your hand, tighten each nut that connects the pipes and the traps together. Follow the hot and cold water lines up to the base of the faucets and tighten the nuts that secure the lines to the faucet with your hand. It’s so simple – no tools needed.
  • Clean faucet aerators. These are the little screens that are on the end of each faucet. They simply unscrew. Pull them apart and soak in CLR, Lime Away or similar product to clear away lime deposits. Or buy a replacement at your local hardware store.